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September 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 @ 8 p.m.
Written by Yasmina Reza; translated by Christopher Hampton

Tickets:  Adults $14.50 | Seniors $12.50 | Students $9.00

This Tony Award-winning play focuses on the meaning of art
(in the form of a solid white painting) as well as the meaning of friendship,
to both the man who bought the painting and the two friends who come to see it."

How would you feel about your best friend if he/she suddenly did something so
colossally stupid, it made you doubt the very basis of the friendship? It happens in
Yasmina Reza's monster international hit, “Art.” When an art lover buys what is in
essence a pure white painting for a horse-choking sum, his best friend goes ballistic.
Yet a third friend gets squeezed in the middle. Questions about the meaning of strange modern art and strange modern friendships--and how they're sometimes not all that different--fly thick in the limelight.

Josh Rocchi as Serge:  Serge is a fool for the high fashions of culture. He is modern and unapologetic in his views, and makes the statement when it is worth making.
Jim Stacy as Yvan:  My character Yvan has a lot in common with me. I just tend to be a lot quieter about my angst. He's uncertain enough about who he is, that he's made being easy on everyone else his life goal.
I auditioned for “Art” at the invitation of David Beach, during an audition for Doubt. I liked what I read about it, especially about one man's choice of a provocative painting turning into a litmus test for his friends.
Ben Adducchio on Marc:  I don't think I identify with my character really at all. He's a pretty bad guy and I don't consider myself to be one.
I had the pleasure of working with David Beach on a play in the “Ten-Minute Play Festival” and when I found out he was directing “Art,” I knew it would be a great project to audition for!

Directed by David Beach
Starring Ben Adducchio, Josh Rocchi & Jim Stacy.

Jacob Jarvis - DA, 9-12-13

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Special Performances of Excerpt to be presented at SETC in Mobile, AL.
February 27, 28 & March 1 @ 8 p.m.
$20 Donation – Get Tickets Below!

"Really enjoyed Art at M. T. Pockets with
Ben Adducchio. Funny, tense & thought provoking. Made me think about my
oldest friends."
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