M. T. Pockets Theatre Company
1390 1/2 University Avenue, Morgantown WV

304.284.0049 | info@mtpocketstheatre.com
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Providing Energetic, Daring, Avant-garde, Cutting-edge, Theatre since 1999!

LAUGH OUT LOUD. . . we dare you!

Promoting women in the arts!

Producing alternative theatre that enlightens, provokes inspires and entertains!

Providing a venue for new works & emerging playwrights and artists without bias!

In the heart of Morgantown, you will find an intimate off broadway-esq theatre, eclectic in nature, that sends patrons away feeling as if they've looked every actor straight in the eye while they performed.  The 100% volunteer company is a group of devoted theatre professionals and enthusiasts who are dedicated to presenting theatre of the highest quality with style, passion and artistic excellence. It brings together community members of all ages--homemakers, business professional, educators and high school and college students in a “play ground” that invites you to open your mind and experience theatre, and life, without fear.

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M. T. Pockets Theatre